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How to set up and Go Safely

For Team Admin:

(Scroll down for Team Members)

Select the Sign In option in the top right hand corner of this page.  Fill in the short form to  create your business account.  

This allows you to control the purchase and allocation of licenses through a dedicated portal.

Once you have created your account, open the portal and choose how many licenses you require and whether annual or monthly licenses best suit your needs.

Create user accounts, input team member’s name, email and mobile number. You can activate the accounts immediately or at any time.

For each purchased license given to an employee, The Sentry will provide that employee with 3 complimentary licenses to give to their family/friends.

The employee inputs their chosen contact’s information themselves, on their own device. They control both their professional and personal contacts from within the app.  

This provides an easy to manage safety platform that spans both work and home life and gives the incentive to use it on a daily basis.

In Billing you can see a breakdown of your transactions and their status.

The Support tab gives you contact details should you need any further help with the portal.

Each Team Member:

Each team member must download The Sentry from the App store or Play Store.

Download iOSDownload Android

Open the App and sign up. Click on Create Account and input the relevant details when prompted.

You will see a User Guide which you can refer to again in the Account tab within the App:

The User Guide helps you install the one-touch panic button Widgets on your home screen.  We recommend having them both at the top of your primary screen for quick access.

Setting Up


Your Network:


Outgoing Alerts

Choose who can receive your Check In or Alarm Alerts

Select the Recipients tab and click on the New recipient button.

Enter the phone number of the person(s) you wish to receive your alerts and press the Add recipient button.  

If your contact is already signed up to The Sentry they will appear in your list automatically, if not they will show as Pending. You can then invite them by clicking the Invite A Friend button from the Account tab.

Turn individual recipients on/off using the activate/deactivate toggles.

Toggles On:

Toggles Off:

Incoming Alerts:

Choose who you receive Check In or Alarm Alerts from.

Select the Account tab and select Manage Incoming Alerts:

Turn individual incoming alerts on/off using the toggles beside their names.

App Preferences


Your Alarm:


Alarm Sounds:

Select Preferences and try out the alarms in the Sounds Menu using the Play Icons, select your sound, TURN THE VOLUME UP.

Click back and turn the Alarm Sound toggle ON. 

Alarm Lights:

Try out the flashing alarm lights in the Lights Menu using the Play Icons. Warning, one option is a STROBE light. Select your lights.

Click back and turn the Flashing Light toggle ON.

Location & Recording: 

Turn ON the Upload Location toggle.

Let others know where you are only when you Check In or use the Panic Alarm.

Turn ON the Record Video toggle.

Video and audio is captured only when the Panic Alarms are triggered.

The footage will save to your phone and is uploaded to The Sentry’s secure servers. An email link provides you with access to the footage.

App Features


Check In:



Let your contacts know where you are and that you’re safe by checking in.

Activate by pressing the check in button in the App. You choose the duration you share your location for, from a few seconds up to 24 hours at a time.

The check in will automatically end at the selected time but you can deactivate it early by selecting send my location once on the drop down menu.

Panic Alarms:




You can activate a silent OR loud alarm with one touch with the widgets on your phone’s home screen.  

You can also activate a loud alarm from a press and hold button within the App.  Make sure the Panic Alarm toggle in ON. 

To deactivate your alarm, tap the alarm button in the App and The Sentry will use the secure method you have set to unlock your phone.

Check In to fully deactivate the Panic Alarm and let your network know you are OK.

If you do not Check In once the alarm is deactivated, the App will continue to report your location for the next 6 hours in case you have been forced to deactivate the alarm against your wishes.

Your Live Worldwide Map:


Looking out for each other:


Select the map tab.

On the constantly updating map you can see the exact location of yourself and any of your team that are checked in or have triggered the panic alarm.

Use two fingers to zoom in or out.

The Activity bar at the bottom of the map allows you to scroll through your contact’s alerts. The newest alerts will appear at the top of the list.  

Click on a contact and the map will take you to their most recent reported location, anywhere in the world.

If a user is sending their location (Check in or Panic alarm) and they lose internet connection, the Map function will queue and send their most recent reported location as soon as their phone regains a signal.

Now the Sentry is all set up and you’re ready to

Go Safely.

The Sentry for Business

Go Safely™